Confused which taxiways to use

So whenever I go to an airport, I always see 2 taxiways. I know you have to use one or the other to avoid planes crashing into each other, but I don’t know which one to use.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Common courtesy states that departing aircraft use the taxiway closest to the runway and arrivals use the one closer to the terminal.


Hey there mate, we can’t see the image;)

Thank you very much

Thats odd, I guess it didn’t load in properly. I went ahead and edited that out.

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Look this.
The plane near the Rwy has arrived in the airport the other one near the terminal it’s going to depart from another Rwy.

•If you’re going to depart, use the taxiway near the RWY, if not use the other taxiway!

Hope it helps!

Thank you, it helps a lot. But also, how did you attach that picture. For some reason I can’t do it properly.

Sorry if I’m being a bit off topic here.

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As this is offtopic, ask me through private message!
I’ll answer your question.

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isn’t it Flight radar 24 map?

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Oh yes! Lmao

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