Confused which atc freq should i tune in

Hello guys…
Today in atc playground i got confused by a few thing. KLAX already got clearence to actve rnway.when hold short at rnwy i want to tune in de tower freq but it got two freq so dunno which one to select so im stuck there.lucky de tower cntact me first n straight away gv me clearence to take off. intial climb to transition de KSAN CENTER poke me to tune in his freq.after i get de clearance to FF KSAN ,KLAX APP/CENTER poke me.when i tune to KLAX,KSAN poke me back and been told to stay on his freq.all de time fly trough KSAN I got poke by other freq to tune in.what should i do here?maybe i got some knowledge bout dis comm issue.

Sorry for my broken english…Thanks guys for de info.enjoy your flight good day…

Ground: contact until holding short of runway
Tower: contact until u r airborne and stable
After takeoff, contact departure(if any)
Once above 10,000 feet contact center (if available)
Otherwise stay on tower until u find something suitable to tune to.
Hope this helps.
As for which one to contact if there are multiple towers, it depends on the runway you are on
lower runway number = lower frequency
However, I don’t think anyone follows that

This problem won’t happen if you fly on the advanced server ;)

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Sean, its only on the playground with multiple airport frequencies… that would confuse me too.

@Syafiq_Zaini for #1, best option to select randomly, Because multiple frequencies aren’t a problem in advanced server.
#2 If you have the right standing and xp the advanced server is way more peaceful, and professional.

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