Confused time zone

i am frying from SFO to JFK. The data shows it is at March 29. However, it is actual March 28 in usa.
It condused me.


The date that you see, March 29, 2019, is based off of the Zulu time (UTC).


that is zulu time

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If you’re closer to the JFK side (Easter time zone) it is the 29th…

(Realizes it’s past midnight, whoops…)


That makes sense. Thanks for your help!

Thanks a lot !

BTW, In real flight, does the pilot use Zulu time to record their flight plan ? or just for international flight ?

Zulu time is the standard time for commercial airlines pilots. But we’ve often seen a local time used for some domestic flights in some airlines.
In the cockpit, also has a UTC time clock.

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On our end all our flights are in Zulu even if it’s local

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