Confused on Step Climb

Hi everyone,

I was looking at the step climb guide and it says this:

What does it mean by wait the difference to be 2000ft? I don’t really understand how to step climb at all…

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It basically means you should wait till you’re able to climb 2000ft, instead of 1000, because of how RVSM airspace works. For example, if you’re cruising at FL360, you’d wanna climb to FL380, instead of FL370, because FL370 is reserved for traffic going the opposite way.

I’d suggest reading this article to better understand how RVSM airspace works.

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But when do I know when is a good time to climb 2000ft I don’t know how long to wait

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Unfortunately in infinite flight there’s no way to know hoevet in real life you’ll see that in the fmc

@ButterPilot24.7 Normally I look at the IRL flight’s altitude graph and base my climbing off of that

I often look to AoA as a final judge for various phases of flight (though it can often be too sensitive compared to using tested speed targets).

But if you’re heavy for the current altitude this will be reflected in a higher AoA.

As you burn off fuel weight you’ll see this as a shrinking of the AoA (at a given altitude).

Pitch at constant altitude is the same as AoA (the FPV is pointed directly at the horizon if you have zero VS).

I look to AoA (pitch for constant altitude) to guesstimate if the angle has come down enough to get me a thousand feet or two higher.

As you climb AoA grows as the air density goes down with altitude.

In a sense you have to have built up enough reserve AoA from fuel burn to spend on the extra climb.

(There’s a case to be made for the optimum altitude line being a line of constant AoA.)

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@alexNine99 i still don’t quite understand how to use that fuel calculator

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If you use it automatically calculates your fuel and when to step climb I also recommend downloading IF assistant as it also has vnav for step climb as well

Ok thanks, where is the step climb option?

For which one?

Also IF assistant always glitches my game out while in approach

It keeps on saying turn off your pop up blocker but I don’t have one

Yeah it definitely on if your on iOS just go into settings and go on safari and look for pop up blocker

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