Confused on ATC training

wait so for this requirement what does this entail I know two weeks of tutorial review and live server practice but is this 14 day consecutive?

I think this means you have to have been controlling for more than 2 weeks.

like consecutively? Cause I have done two weeks of practice on my own (still working to 500 ops) but it has not been consecutively with school I have been only been doing about once or twice a week

No. I don’t think it has anything to do with it being consecutively.

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Hey mate,

It means that you need to have been controlling and practicing for two weeks by yourself. For example you could create an ATC Tracking Thread using the tutorial found below:

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions.


Still does not really answer my question. what does it mean by two weeks? 14 consecutive day or does it still count if I am doing ATC one or two days a week over multiple weeks? I am just going to take @TRDubh word

I have created multiple tracking thread (another discussion) even tho I have had basically no one coming to the thread.

Basically controlling for roughly two weeks. As long as you have a quick session at least every couple of days then it is fine. The more practice the better.

It doesn’t need to be exactly controlling everyday for 14 days.


To add to what Declan said, the stats of yours that you listed meets that specific requirement.

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thank you guys :)

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No problem, my inbox is always open as is every other recruiters or trainers inbox if you ever have any more questions.

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