Confused by ATC warning.

I’ve flown for many years and I’m currently grade 5 IF.

Expert server. Departing KBNA 20 December about 21:30 Zulu with live ATC. CLRD for TO 02L pattern work, allowed per ATIS. Make right traffic. Climbing to pattern ALT 03 thousand. Banking right to enter right downwind for RW 02L, I’m told to consult tutorials. I end my session in case there is a zealous controller. What is going on?

Pattern alt for jets is 1,500ft agl and for GA is 1,000ft agl. 3000ft is too high which is likely why you were asked to check tutorials.


Thanks for rapid feedback! For commercial I understand. For Private citation this is incorrect.

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Excuse me, do you mean Citation X?

Yes citation x

If I am not incorrect that is used for commercial purposes. In this case if it is private I am not sure if it’s noted as GA or commercial aircraft, but anyways the pattern altitude is 1000’ for GA and 1500’ for Commercial Aircraft, as Ethan stated.

Unless I am mistaken (won’t be the first time!) KBNA pattern ALT is 03.

What is KBNA’s airport elevation?

The controller at KBNA has been notified and should be able to provide an official answer for you shortly :)

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599 ft MSL

You would still be an alt of around 2000 if that is the airports elavation.

Thanks. Very kind. I’m just confused. I mean, ATC should at least check grade before citing tutorials. I’m an old guy, flown for over 40 years. I think I know what I’m doing. Sheesh.


No worries! I’m sure the controller has a reason though, he is very experienced… Or could’ve been a simple misclick.

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Although I admit I’ve never done pattern work in a Citation X. :-)

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I was the ATC. Will send you a direct message Ray.

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Controller handling in a PM.