Confused autopilot (heading) after replay


The part of the autopilot that controls the heading gets confused when reviewing a replay and clicking Live before the replay is over - it tries to kill you.

Also, the UI doesn’t show that auto-heading is on.

The following planes have been tested

Airbus 380-800
Boeing 747-400
Boeing C-17 Globemaster
(Although I assume it affects all planes that have auto-heading)

Steps to reproduce the glitch

  1. While in the air, make sure auto-heading is OFF.

  2. Manually turn the plane about 90 degrees (either side is fine). Do not use the autopilot at all.

  3. Level off and turn auto-heading on. Let it fly for a couple of seconds.

  4. Tap replay and seek to a point in time when auto-heading was off and you were turning the plane manually.

  5. Tap Live to take over and try to roll the plane in the opposite direction to check whether auto-heading is on or off.

Three glitches occur on my device

  1. The auto-heading is turned on for some reason. It shouldn’t since I was turning the plane manually at that point in time.

  2. The heading button doesn’t light up to indicate that the auto-heading is on but it must be on because I can only control the pitch.

  3. The plane keeps turning so hard that I eventually crash. At first I thought the plane was trying to fly in the direction that the autopilot was set to at the end of the replay, but it shoots past that heading and keeps turning.


Option 1: When you tap Live to take over, quickly double-tap the heading button. The first tap usually lights up the button but keeps autopilot on. The second tap disables the autopilot.

Option 2: Disable auto-heading before tapping replay.

App, OS and device info

Infinite Flight v15.04.01 (installed from Play store)
Android v4.0.4
Samsung Galaxy S2