Confused about XP

hey guys, i have a few questions related to XP, im in grade 2 currently at 9.5K XP and i was wondering whats the best way to maximize XP?

I did a flight from KMIA to TNCM, with a flight time of 2hrs and 30mins and got around 1600XP. Is that good / bad / horrendous?

Ive read on the forums that doing pattern flights with a small aircraft could have high yields of XP is that true?

Any tips/suggestions would be welcome. Thank you :)

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I think it was Mark that said he gained 26,000XP after flying around the world. This was mentioned in the latest podcast that was released just before global. 1,600XP is pretty good for a flight though. Getting a lot of XP from pattern work requires a lot of touch and goes.

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I can confirm that it’s true. It’s best to do patterns in Spitfire for an hour which will help you to gain a lot of XPs 😉

Not only you can get alot of XPs, but you can also get alot of Landing counts too!

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The flight that you did would always have the same xp (if it was the same flight time) because you’ve got exactly the same amount of landings and takeoffs

This is exactly half an hour of tight patterns at YMRY airport. I got over 6,000xp from that flight.D66E8A2A-A781-40B9-BDE1-3AD512C52094D5C6E50C-DC3A-45CB-9481-44A78FAE397A

wow! okay so pattern work is the way to go then. thank you

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oh itll be the same XP, i could have done a smoother landing though and the winds were negligible so i guess an airport with higher crosswinds would yield higher xp…

Landings will get you more XP. Simply flying on autopilot for a long period time will not yield much XP (as it should be). Landing well with a decent crosswind will also rack up the XP.

I feel that global will increase the flight time for many but it will also cause a decrease in landings will may drop people’s grade level. It is just more incentive to fly some short hops or patterns in an effort to keep that count up since XP is not one true stat.


Is there a difference in acquiring XP doing pattern works in a busy airspace with ATC communication compared with performing in an unmanned region? How big would be the difference?

I would say since Global is here… long haul flights!

No difference. The more difficult the landing, wind etc, the more xp.


I earned 40210 xp and starting wind landing and downwind but still grade 2 because of violations max 10 is there any opportunity to get various of violation soon as possible

I takeoff, go to sleep, and wake up the next morning ready to land the plane. It takes long but it is easy xp

Well, i’ve Been doing 10 hours + on LIve. Ive gone from Grade 2 to Grade 3 in around 4 days since global cam out. Try to do some of those and you’ll be Grade 3/4/5 in no time.

You’ll have to wait until the 7 days period has ended until you can get to (e.g) Grade 3. But you’ll still have to have enough XP, etc.

I think that this has been covered.

Keep Flying! See you in the skies ;)