Confused about violation

I dont know why this happened. I had set the altitude to 10000 and wasnt touching the phone as it was cruising. The speed was around 290. It suddenly dipped. I have recorded the replay but cant post it

The reason you can’t post? Without replay nobody can confirm it’s bug, maybe you set climb and speed very high. When it reached point it must have try to level flight and dipped below 10k. I don’t think you would get violation for couple of sec. Without replay nobody can say what happened. Violation to do with human error it’s not reversible.

It’s not possible to upload the file directly to IFC but here you can share it:

Just post the link here afterwards and we can download it.


Tips: Never set 10000, try 11k or 9k


Don’t forget, as soon as you get below 10,000 you can’t be over 250kts. And of course, due to wind and possible turbulence, the autopilot won’t be able to keep the plane at that exact altitude. So if you happened to drop to 9999ft for just a while, bam violation. Always cruise at 11,000 or higher if you Wanna do fast.


It dipped to almost 9800

Post the replay, we would like to see what happened. You didn’t touch? Trim, late flaps?

I was working on my pc

Did you set auto pilot to “I’m working on my pc, stay @ 10k” mode? (Joke :;)

Yup kinda. I was 50/60 nm out from destination

Can you send us the replay?

I’ll review it, and see what’s wrong.

When I am that sort of distance from destination I aim to be at about FL120 but with a speed of 240 IAS. That way I am ready to start my final descent when about 40 NM DTG.

Ya i do that too normally. But i had some urgent work…

Never set you alt to 10,000 set it either to 10,500 or 11k if you want to cruise above 260kts

I know that but why did it dip so suddenly. Thats really my concern.

It might be due to weather but sometimes its stays at 9999ft

ya but a 200ft dip is too much :(

NEVER have speed seed set for over 250 and altitude set for 10000 at the same time. Cause if your plane dips to 9999’ (which it did in this case) you will get violations