Confused about TRIM

I’m kinda confused about the trim I was watching AviatorDan the other day on stream and his trim was +20 for example and for landing it was +20 aswell I don’t know if I’ve been doing it wrong lol but for example for takeoff I use +10 then landing -15 for the trim should I be using + for landing and takeoff

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I’ve always found trim doesn’t matter much in game, and I know I’ll catch a lot of flak for saying that. In an actual aircraft, specifically ones with mechanical linkages to controls, you’re fighting aerodynamic forces on the control surfaces, which causes fatigue and stress. Trim is essential in those cases. Fly by wire aircraft still have that reaction pressure on the control interface to let the user know the airplane needs to be trimmed, so it’s necessary in that instance as well. In IF, if you’re holding a phone, it costs you nothing to hold it a little more tilted. I really only use trim to get my hands in the most comfortable position.

This actually gets me thinking, I would really like to see autotrim when autopilot is engaged. Anyone else?

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As ksisky said above, trim isn’t that important in infinite flight, and you can fly just fine without it. However, it will make it easier to handle the aircraft you’re flying.

Trim varies on the aircraft and the weight.

• For example, when I use the CRJ aircraft:
Takeoff: +40% trim
Landing: +60% trim

• Another example is the A330:

Takeoff: +25%
Landing: +40%

All trim does is make for a smoother experience in general. You won’t have to tilt your phone as much, and it will help with your departure rotation and landing flare. I do recommend using trim, however, trim is heavily dependent on your aircraft weight, so just be mindful of that.

• Heavier aircraft: more trim
• Light aircraft: less trim

I recommend just watching some videos, checking out aircraft tutorials, and just practicing trial and error with trim. You’ll find your happy medium and figure out your trim preferences this way.

Good luck!

I completely agree, and for the reasons you said, so no flak from me.

Also as @Asher wrote in a similar post:
“There really isn’t a “set” amount of trim you should be using. Your trim should vary depending on how much nose up or nose down support you need on landing in your particular situation.”

Further below is something I wrote previously which is no doubt a bit long winded. A key issue is that in an actual aircraft you cannot fly it without trim. But the limitation in a hand held device is that it cannot replicate that necessity in the same way because it would take specialized hardware to reproduce the muscle force fatigue. So you can get by in IF without any trim a lot of the time. But it’s good it still reminds you. It’s really a control hardware limitation.

My long winded part:

You’re always controlling pitch to either:
hold an airspeed or a vertical speed goal (depending on throttle).

Pitch control requires constant precision muscle forces to overcome pressure of air moving across control surfaces. And these forces change depending on aircraft speed and load (and flaps and gear).

Conscious attention to varying precision forces = muscle/mental fatigue

Trim “dials in” a small air deflection device to oppose the air pressure of your needed control surface deflection. It is your “muscle pressure removal” device.

Trim is like a “mechanical cruise control” for holding pitch. As long as speed and all is stable, you can be nearly “hands off”.

In infinite flight, your muscles obviously can’t feel the air deflection forces. Instead the forces on your muscles are interpreted as changing the neutral tilt angle position of your device to simulate the “muscle force awareness fatigue.”

You trim in IF to take out the drift in the neutral tilt angle position.


Trim is also very helpful to control your speed after takeoff. I use it mainly to keep my speed at the appropriate level until I reach cruise.
Oh: and I’m almost never using negative trim.

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True. Eventhough negative trimming is needed in my view at cruise speed with the A330 Or A220 for instance.
The basic rule IMO is the lower the airspeed and higher the weight, the more positive trim needed.
And of course the higher the airspeed and the lower the weight, the less positive trim is needed.

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