Confused about ghosting

I was just ghosted by “IFATC Asher Z” I cant locate their profile so could someone help me contact them and tag them for me please ?

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What were you doing prior to the ghosting? @Asher is who you are looking for I believe.

I believe @Asher is who you are looking for :)

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Hi there! I see your inquiring about a ghost I made. I’ll pm you to clear up some confusion you may have! We’ll get to the bottom of this. :)


As far as I’m concerned nothing wrong… he reported me for not following ATIS but I took off the airport with no problem or issue the only absolute thing I could think i was in an F22 inside one of TFR’s I was under 300Kts most of the time only time I went above it was when my AP disconnected and the plane accelerated to like 324. but I quickly slowed back to 300. So il.not sure I guess well see


Roger that, Thanks bud


Anytime! Thank you for being calm as this issue usually frustrates people and makes them really angry. I PMed you. :)

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To any moderator this can be closed… and thanks you guys ^^

If you ever need to find a controller, will show all of the current ones by display name and ifc name 😊

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Never knew this, thanks alot bud

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