Confused about center

Anyone got a second to teach me something about how center works please that would be amazing.

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Hi there!

The 20.1 update has a whole host of new features. These substantially increase the realism of the simulator. We understand these may be new for you, so we have created a host of new YouTube tutorials , plus a brand new in-depth guide that talks you through all these is to know about Infinite Flight and how to use it. You can find this below!


User Guide | Infinite Flight

We’ve put together a collection of help documents for Infinite Flight pilots, and ATC to help you get flying or controlling.


Where about in the guide does it mention pilots on center I’ve yet to find that.

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Hello, take a read of the user guide, if your answer isn’t in there then feel free to ask it here!

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Well I do not see it but if I’m contacted and ask radar contact what do I respond with, like a flight following or nothing…

I’m confused about something, not exactly this, but I hope that it’s okay that I take the opportunity.

When following a SID, if altitude says for example @5000, do I have to stay at or below 5000, at 5000, or 5000 or above?

All you need to do on centre is check in. “Radar contact” basically means. “I see you, continue along your flight plan”

If approach at your destination isn’t open then request the approach you want. But only do this on centre if approach isn’t open. If they are open then request your approach type as your first and only all in once handed over.

Check in is the IFR version of flight following.


Ahh I see now that you for helping me, it means a lot and I know now.

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You can continue climbing, most of those SIDs alts are be above this alt. If you can find the charts for a particular SID then it can be quite fun to try your best to follow. To do so under ATC control all you need to do is “Check in” with departure or Centre.


Ok, great!

Thanks for answering :)

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