Confused about access to Training Server

Hello, I am new and this is my first post. However, while this subject may seem to already be covered, I still can’t find specific information on how to get back into Training Server V2.

Okay, so I got ejected from the Training Server because of too many violations.
I get that there are no violations back on the Casual Server.

Here is where I’m confused: If I have a 34 violations in less than 7 days (max is 25), that should in theory go away… but the part I don’t get is that I keep landing in Casual Server mode with no issues, yet my Landings are all “0” under Grade 1. [EDIT: I was reading the Grade table wrong, so this part is now understood!) In fact, there is no flight time, no XP, …nothing. So how am I suppose to increase the number of landings to violations ratio? This makes no sense? If I am stuck in Server 1, I don’t see the point in paying my subscription. I get that the Training Server is for serious and higher achieving pilots, but doesn’t this means that I am locked into the Casual forever?

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The number you should be looking at is what I have pointed at on my grade table attached below. Look for the column that says “YOU”. This column represents the flight time, landings, XP, violations, and ghosts that you personally have accumulated.

The numbers listed under Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3… represent the requirements, and not what you have. As linked above, there were some additional changes such as the 1:1 violation to landing ratio that needs to be maintained as well as the Grade 2 standing. If you link your grade table below, we may have a better understanding at determining your situation so we can better and further assist you. The more information you provide… the better. Thanks and I hope this was of assistance.

Here’s my grade table


Nobody can beat this grade table, just saying :D


Having similar issues…

Yes. That is correct and working as it should. You have 72 violations and 60 landings. That is not a 1:1 violation to landing ratio.

To resolve this, do some patterns at an airport, improve your skills by not doing aerobatic maneuvers, or exceeding the redline tape on your airspeed, and you’ll significantly reduce the chances of getting a violation.

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Do I need to just land 10 times to regain access? Very confused by this new set of rules/regs and think it punishes those who are truly training/learning, as opposed to those who are just blatantly ignoring the rules.

I hope that does not come off as rude or anything. As you can tell, I am far from a perfect participant, but I have never purposefully broken the rules // gotten a violation.

As far as I can tell, yes just those 10 landings or more (to be on the safe side).


Thank you all for replying so promptly.

Okay, so now I understand most of what I was confused over. However, I still don’t understand about “Landings”. When do Landings accumulate? Because I am landing in Casual Server mode successfully, but with no increment to my current 18 (unless I’m misunderstanding something else here?).

Thanks again for your help!

Landings do not accumulate immediately. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to update depending on how busy the server is. Sometimes you may have to exit the app completely and go back in to see the change.

If you are doing touch and goes you need to stay on the ground for a few seconds and slow down. Touching down at 200kts and pulling up will not result in a successful landing. Neither will bouncing up and down the runway.

so if a person has 250+ vios… how/when would it reduce…as i have 29 vios and its never gone down…
m sorry for asking this … its just a bit unclear for me…

It wouldn’t.

Violations are there forever.

yeah… so… a person with 250+ vios is forever banned from accessing TS?.. thats a bit unjust… there are many people who have clocked loads if vio before global… what about them?.. there are people with G4 and G4 with more than 400vios…

They aren’t. The 250 violations rule was removed.


ooh… yess… thanks you soo much @schyllberg… :D

Same thing happened to me, you daily amount of violation does not matter, only your total amount of violations. If your total amount of violations is greater than your total amount of landings then you can not access the Training Server.

I personally do not like this new update and I don’t see what it’s purpose was. I would really like it if they could reconsider this update.

If you need more landings, I suggest doing some patterwork and getting as many landings in as quickly as you can.

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This definitely increase the quality of training server.
Trollers will only allow in Casual server.

ive reset my game 2 times and it still says training v1 WHY???

Can you elaborate on your situation

they say they’ve fixed it but when i open the app ans select the training server it says V1 not V2 but V1
im getting a little irritated…somthing tells me i have to wait until they release the update

Something tells me you are wrong.
Reinstall the app. No idea why this is happening to only you.