confuse about the autopilot

hi guys i want ask again, i look and read almost 100 video and tutorial about how flight this plane, im so confuse, in the video that i saw how people do to before start take off is do flight plan to the destination bla bla bla after that he start taking off after takingoff almost of the youtube video they are switch theplane to autopilot and the auto pilot start to go to destination, why my autopilot just go straight? i already make a game plan too :(

Your auto pilot will not follow your flight plan, when you reach a waypoint you have to change your heading manually.


i know but its hard to control hd it always not 100% straight with my flight plan

True, you gotta change the heading at the right time. This is why I like to fly manual more. That and I actually control my aircraft. :)

In your instrument dock at the bottom select “Bearing to Next”. This will tell you the exact bearing you need to follow. In the example screenshots below, it says “Turn to HDG 288“. But by the time I finish my turn, the actual bearing is 282.
Make sure your” HDG" matches the" Bearing to Next"

Just keep in mind that your are not following the lines, you are following the waypoints. The lines are only there to give you a visual link to the waypoints.

Problem with that is that the sim tells you to turn a little too late…

and if u turn early it thinks that u didnt pass it yet, so it won’t change its heading on the hud menu

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If you turn to soon by choice or not by choice, you just go to your navigation /map screen and select the next waypoint and make it active.

oh how do you do that without having to reput your FPL

You just select the waypoint you want and then click “Act Leg” at the bottom.


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Use the like button.

Check Misha’s post below

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Btw, the waypoints I used above are those of a real world route between KSEA and KPDX using the HELNS FIVE ARRIVAL route, in case anybody wants to try it. It is a lot of fun to fly :)
If you are interested I can give you the real world speeds and altitudes for each waypoint.

I’m interested. What are the real-world speeds and altitudes?