Conflict situation

Ok so I was at LTBJ with @LennyD an hour ago. And this situation arises when I was taxing to runway. Another aircraft at gate was blocking my way.

  1. I stopped and requested taxi again to get the controller attention there. But I received taxi clearance. I replied stand by.

  2. Then the aircraft at gate requested pushback he was given hold position. Obviously.

  3. then what I tried to give way to him and allowed him to taxi ahead. So I requested pushback to give way to him. (I don’t know if I did right?) But I received taxi to runway again. Not left with any choice I had to taxi through the aircraft.

So the situation.

  1. I think the aircraft was bit too large for the airport. But no notam issued.

  2. also the aircraft spawn way behind the gate position at that airport. So if we could just push ourself in, to make room on taxi way. But there is no ATC command for it.

What could have been the correct course of action there…??

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Patience is your best course of action, unless there’s another taxi route you can take. That aircraft will be moving eventually and controllers are always monitoring their screens. Please note that a controller can only view one frequency at a time, so it may take a couple minutes before he/she notices what’s happening. Once they notice, you can be sure they’ll get traffic moving again :)

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Nice job handling that. As he said, patience is key. Perhaps the controller could’ve recognized it but it’s hard to know what all was going on.

Good job regardless. 🙂


Yes controller noticed it but I was again given taxi instructions.

That aircraft did requested pushback and was given hold position. And I was requested to taxi. But there was no other taxi route. So I requested pushback to make room. But again I received taxi clearance.

need suggestion on this.

also this one if we can just push ourself in gate a bit more without requesting atc. as we cannot request for it.

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