Confirming email for Slack invite

I just got exempted for a VA, and was wondering how to confirm my email for there Slack invitation?

Look in Email.

I don’t remember. A “confirm” like password let’s say, asks you usually to repeat the process again.

Try repeating the email you have written? Have you checked you e-mail?

There will probably appear a button (in the email) to click on and refer you to further steps.

Yes I’ve checked my Email, but I just don’t understand where I confirm it or how?

Ye I have tried that, but there’s no option for it

Is there a link of any kind in the email? @Sean_McCormack?


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No there’s not

I recommend asking Krish Shaw for this and let him know that this is your e-mail. (Don’t know his username in the IFC)

Ok, so will. Will I private message him or just reply to this?

You can PM the user. 👍

I think you are asking in the wrong place… This is the IFC not the Infinite slack support community

Look below…

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Ok thanks!!

Well actually, this is not an issue about Slack. It’s one user asking for another thing, not the system (as much as I understand).

Just to make sure @Sean_McCormack gets the best help he can in this issue. I’m no expert. 😂

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No your fine lol 😂 thanks for the help!!


Contact the VA directly if you are awaiting confirmation. Please do not publicly share sensitive information such as email addresses in threads