[Confirmed] Yakutia Bombardier Dash-8

imageWhite please




Come on guys!

The aurora looks nice on its tail. It´ll be a change from the usual, already known, airliner tail.

Yakutia!! Yesss! Please!!


Upping this,
We have 2 airlines with Dash in our country(!)

Instead we get inactive Malev/Lufthansa liveries, spam liveries like United and other US/Canada etc,
House colors( what for?) and FDS livery. No new airlines at all . Just Tassili I’ve never heard about 😐

The reason why some people bought 319/320 or both was that it featured Russian liveries, and today most of them dont even want to buy Dash ( no liveries+high price). Not good, Right?

Our Russian community is pretty big, but only few people are registered here(so they cant support ideas here) , but Yakutia livery was requested a lot of times(!)

@matt Please consider adding it for higher sales and loyal community, as there are a lot of complaining memes created by some pilots)


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Matt added 25 liveries, that should be plenty enough for now. The majority of the liveries are not “spam liveries”. It’s not like more liveries won’t be added :), more were for the A380 and 748! So maybe the liveries you want will be added! ;) Please try not to tag the devs, they read the posts. As for the complaining memes, I don’t see what there is to complain about? A great product with plentiful liveries for $4.99USD seems like a steal!

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Yes, it is dissapointing that they didn’t try and add some Russian liveries, even though so many were requested and there is obvious support for some!

That said, they didn’t blow off new liveries completely. They just didn’t focus of Russia.

New liveries:

Spicejet (I think…)
French Securitie etc (I’m sorry I don’t know how to spell this)
House colors
Westjet Encore
Lufthansa Regional (I think…)

At least

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United and Air Canada spam liveries? Those are two major airline partners who actively use the dash 8. By the way, they are also very practical for the regions we have.

From these liveries, Luxair/Lufthansa/westjet already existed in game, House colors is questionable choise;

But liveries like Air berlin/Canada , United, Austrian, alaska were represented at least 2 times

I remember dev’s saying they wanted more new liveries…

But, when they add liveries nobody requested, instead of requested one, it is dissapointing and unlogical.

They even made a new model for French Security… With water tanks.

[There are also threads for Blue Yakutia and Aurora, pretty much support in them]

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The main reason why I didn’t like this update is WHITE LIVERIES,No purple FlyBe,no Aurora,no special liveries

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14 people and me liked this livery on forum and ALL (1000 persons) from our group in VK

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I can assure you the liveries that were added on the Dash 8, are all carefully selected requests from other major sources as well (IF facebook page, IFFG Facebook page, Feedback forum etc.) It’s not only this forum we keep an eye on.

There’s another handful of liveries which also has been requested, but haven’t been added to the Dash as well.


But vk group is big too

Memes are here)))))))
P.S.I don’t blame anybody,it’s just a joke)
P.S.S.This strange word “симпатий” means Likes.


It’s not just on the forum. You have to count how many people said they wanted them on IFFG, IFWP, IFGP etc.

You know how many people wanted Yakutia in VK?It’s not just on the forum too

Didn’t think about it 😂

No. But lots of people on IFFG wanted all of them, and there are over 17,000 members…

In the end, its Jarno’s decision :O