[Confirmed] Saudia B787-9 God Bless You writing

The Saudia B789 has the writing of God Bless you in the front sides of the plane both in arabic and english.


No need to tag Laura

Could just add the text to the already confirmed Suadia livery. I mean it’s small enough where I won’t care and it would be a waste to add just 3 words to a whole new livery

If you wont care then keep your opinion to yourself,other people care.

No need to tag Laura. She isn’t even the dev that makes the liveries. Jarno does from my understanding.

I’m rooting for you lol. Im saying that instead of adding a totally new livery, just add this to the current confirmed one. I also said that since the font is super small I wouldn’t mind it being added since I can’t really see it.

Why would they change the whole livery to type God Bless You ?

That’s what I’m saying. You clearly aren’t understanding what I mean. I’m saying just add it to the current confirmed one

I understood,but what didnt make sense is when you sayed change the whole livery…

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No lol I might have been slightly confused. I was thinking you were asking for a new livery to be added (with this included) because it’s one of those special liverys and not part of the actual livery in real life

Its actually part of the normal livery


Okay… If it’s apart of the normal livery, why would you need to create this topic when the developers will probably add it on the livery.

Because its not included.

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Send a private message to developers about ( God bless you ) you don’t need to creat a topic my friend 🙂

Added ages ago.