Confirmed Livery List

Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to read. Also I’m sorry if this is the wrong category, haven’t posted on here in a long time.

Is there anywhere to see a list of confirmed liveries that are on the development timeline?



Thank you! This can be closed now, mods.

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That isn’t a full list of the confirmed liveries though.

And I’m pretty sure all of those liveries have been added.

Yeah after I looked I thought the same. I def know there are some new ones after those.

I don’t think there is a list but an easy way to kind of check is to filter Tyler in #features using the search feature and a lot of his posts are confirming liveries for development.

Thanks for the idea, thats a very smart one!

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So far i know the Virgin Atlantic A339 and Juneayo Air Floral B789 will be added in later updates

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And the Condor A339 + A321.
In my opinion, an official confirmed liveries pipeline post (regularly updated) is needed


Yes, agreed! Have the Condor liveries been decided yet?

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Yes! Im pretty sure the A339 is the blue and the A321 is yellow.


Or at least thats what i was told.

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Yellow… yellow… not sure what to think of that lol

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Ohh no im sorry! I just found it. The A321 is actually the Red scheme!

Not gonna like i was thinking "its kind of weird the community chose yellow"😂😂

List as of now:

Livery Aircraft Registration
Jet Airways B77W
Air China B77W
Japan Airlines B77W
China Eastern B77W
Azul Airlines A359
ITA Airways A359
United (Evo Blue) B772
Air France (New) B77W
Air India Express B738 VT-GHF
Lufthansa B789
Virgin Atlantic A339
Jazeera Airways A320
Gulf Air B789
Air China B738
China Eastern A320 B-8975
Xiamen Air B738
Juneyao Air (Colorful Floral) B789 B-20D1
Condor (Blue) A339 D-ANRB
Condor (Red) A321 D-ATCG
GOL (New) B737
Azul Conecta C208
Buta Airways E190
Kenya Airways E190

First off thank you! Second off… oh my goodness i am so excited to see all the new Air China, Japan Airlines, Xiamen, China Eastern and ANA liveries😍😍


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