[Confirmed] Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8


Are you just making these feature requests because it would be so bad if the livery was not added or are you making them just because you feel the need to?

The point is, you have made 4 livery requests today, be greateful for what you have already have, you got a bew update for about a month ago yet you are still requeting more?..


It is already 18th in my time zone and the last topic I did was posted 3 hours ago.No problems

Still, it’s gotten a bit too excessive. Please tone down the frequency. Also, timezone doesn’t matter.


I DIDN’T SAY that this livery MUST be added right now right here.

Timezone does not matter.

PS. Your last post was 2 hours ago and second and third last were 4 hours ago. Let’s just tone it down a tad.

Anyways, back on topic, I actually do like this livery but something feels weird with it… Probably just me.


The logo reminds me of Japanese KitKat. I like the colours though.


It’s okay, it could use some work in my opinion.

There was a time i used to see this everyday…it’s great.i love it.makes me feel at home…and is it the -8 or 9 coming?

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He is just posting liveries that he thinks are cool! Leave him alone! :)

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Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that he does it excessively and should leave room for others. Back on topic now.

I agree with that! :)

We missed the 777 but not this devs pleeeease although i love it on the 777 more…that’s a beauty i must admit…!


Went on this from LHR to NBO. Decent livery but the same cannot be said inside

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Added ages ago.