Confirmed Date On 737 Max?

I know the 737 Max is coming. I’ve seen ifs posts, at least I think it’s coming. Does anyone have a date? Maybe with the TBM update or?

isn’t announce yet and its not the max getting added. its just the 737 getting a touch of work to it

The 737 MAX is yet to be confirmed anywhere. FDS has confirmed they are doing a small rework like what was done to the A320 recently but it isn’t a full rework and isn’t including the MAX.


Aww man, that sucks, no leap engines. I hoped they would fully update the 737s.

The update will come. Just be patient. :)


All airplanes will eventually be reworked to the standard of the new CRJ family.
Here’s what to expect in the rest of 2018, along with what has come.

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When I hear a date I’ll let yea know!

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Or you could look in #announcements?🤷‍♂️

Infinite Flight’s Instagram and #announcements are the best bet for updates and what’s to come. 😊

You can find their official account here