[Confirmed] Air India Boeing 787-8

Air India has an amazing livery. It looks so great on the Dreamliner, doesn’t it? :)


I personally like the little arches on around each window it’s the only airline I’m aware of that goes into that much detail as it’s usually about cost nowadays


It looks cool I guess, the “Air India” text isn’t so nice, but the arches around the windows look pretty awesome!


The widows mess with my eyes 😜

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I do not like the color scheme or design at all…


It the body meant to be tan or is it just the photo?

The planes are also called “flying palaces” because of that :)

It looks like the main body of the plains is tainted yellow as the engines are a very white, it would look much better if the whole plane as white

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Awesome Livery. Have flown on Air India’s Dreamliner twice. We really need this one in IF!

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Nice one love the 787’and India!

I love the star alliance livery of this on the 787

I agree that looks pretty good

Requested that, it’s an amazing livery, like the normal AIC one :)

I honestly dislike the Air India livery.

What don’t you like about it? As I never used to like it on their old aircraft such as the 747 but I don’t mind this slightly revised one for their new aircraft

I meant I donk like the older livery. The newer one is much better! :)

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would be first reworked, then the tail are explain, Summer is coming… Nice India livery…

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Lol I wonder why would they deliberately paint it with a slight taint of yellow…

It’s as if the plane is dirty :P


We most need this livery!!🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


cries in corner