[Confirmed] Air Austral Boeing 787-8


Interesting livery, I like the tail.


Yes!! This is a must have.

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Such a beautiful livery. Definitely a step up from their A380 livery.

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I love that tail!


Tail is sick!

This is my new favorite livery!

Beautiful livery, would love to see it.

This is AMAZING! :)

That’s a beauty :D <3

I LOVE that tail and the logo looks really cool! The text could maybe be smaller and closer to the logo, along with it being the same gradient but it looks awesome!

I’m Literally Dying right now. It’s Such a Beauty! :D 3 Words…“Best” “Livery” “Ever”

Very beautiful livery, it can be added with several themes of the tail fins.

is it just me or is this one of the most ugly liveries in the world… lol

Apart from the fuselage, the vertical stabilizer is the most beautiful…


Sure it is very pretty

And I can share her beautiness once Global Flight happened (Flying from RUN-CDG)

And it has some varieties :)

Yes! This needs to be on IF! The A380 one is so straightforward…

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