confirmation request to start live flight

as the title says,
it would be nice to have a confirmation before starting a live flight.
For example yesterday my 10 year old son (who regularly uses IF, SOLO) did not realize that he was live, luckily he did everything right and I did not take any violation but…
it would be nice to have the confirmation request.

Hey Marcello!
As far I understand you want to have a system who would prevent other people to fly on live without your confirmation. I think the following topic is very similar and might therefor interest you.


I think he is talking about more of a confirmation message rather than a lock with a passcode. @MarcelloM can you add a little more detail because I think I like this idea more. :)


Well,I’m just asking for a confirmation before start a live flight, like:

> do you want to start a live flight?
I hope you i explained better now.

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Yes, you did. I don’t like the lock because if you forget the passcode then well, your screwed. Also, this could also be helpful if you accidentally click on the wrong server.

Would this apply to ATC or just flying?

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Or perhaps something like this:

you are about to start a Live flight. Please think twice before entering. If you are a 10 year old son, then risk loss of pocket money for 1 month + 1 month for every violation you get. So get out now.
YES - I will risk it, he will never find out.
NO - I’m clever, I need this pocket money.


But what if he’s already 11 years old? Then you’re screwed!


I like the idea but maybe it should say “Are you ready to start a live flight”

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