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I genuinely have that question as well, whether it gets confirmed now or later, we aren’t getting an answer on when the aircraft is going to come in the simulator, so I don’t get why just confirming liveries with so many votes like Air India A359 or Hawaiian 789, or at this point, even Air Canada 737MAX-8. this is just pure out of curiosity, if there’s a reason behind that of course I’m willing to listen to it


I’m not saying that there aren’t aircraft confirmations and its proper channel for so, I’m saying that there should be more confirmations once liveries arrive to a certain amount of votes, at the end of the day, we’re just getting the confirmation, not when the aircraft is gonna be released


Yo, I realized, that’s why I deleted the response.

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u good

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I believe we’ll see a batch of confirmed liveries once a quarter and the current strategy of confirmation is to delay them until it’s actually developed to reduce wait fatigue.
These are from my memory though


hm interesting, I don’t completely agree with that strategy but I mean I don’t really mind it

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Some livery requests have been confirmed for over a year now - Some nearing 2


That’s how wait fatigue accumulates - They’re aware of that so they changed the strategy

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Out of curiosity, how is creating liveries so time consuming? I can’t imagine it any more difficult than creating those Zibo liveries, etc. and apparently for the team, it is a huge suffer. I do believe there’s still incorrectness on the model so they have to modify the original liveries? On the other hand, I can’t imagine full-fledged 3D artists struggle with orientation or confirming exact positions. Again, just out of curiosity, personally can’t picture how they’re working with the current release speed for confirmed, as they literally take 14 days, if not 28 days, to do 20 complex liveries for the A380s.


How long does it usually take them to implement liveries that were confirmed? People should not be waiting 2 years for the livery to be added into the sim after confirmation. At tops it should be at most around a 1 year wait. 2 years is only acceptable if they have problems with liveries like lets say the 772 cant get new liveries right now. Other than that the liveries should come within a 1 year period

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yeah definitely agree. I mean I don’t complain on the time it takes for them to put the livery in game, I’m saying that liveries should be confirmed more, and of course, this would let users vote more and vote for other liveries they really really like

its just nonsense to continue delaying Air India’s A350-900 confirmation, its the most voted livery and whether they confirm it sooner or later, it’ll still be confirmed, now, if it is confirmed sooner, it helps ppl save votes, if later, it complicates ppl’s voting process, if it has many votes it means it has everybodies approval, why should they keep delaying liveries, its nonsense imo