Confirmation Button for deleting posts

Today I bring to You a new forum feature request.

So, I used to have a glitchy phone, which resulted in it clicking on the trash can to delete a post. That’s not a problem today, since I have a good phone that does not “ghost” click on anything.

However, I still run into some issues with it and I’ve seen many other people do so too. Some of us, including me, misclick and delete our posts, only to go into trouble by reverting them again.

Now, yes, the revertion process is easy. Just click and there’s Your post. However, 2 more issues. The first is when You click to bring back Your post too quickly, it pops up a message box with some sort of error. “Quickly” in this case is like 5 seconds. I don’t believe this is a glitch, just implemented to stop unusual post deleting spanmers.
The other issue is, when You’ve edited something and then delete Your post. After reverting the deletion, Your recent edit is gone (about 1 minute for me) and You cannot find it by clicking the pencil and viewing the post’s edit history. You have to go into trouble by editing it again.

So, could we possibly get an “abandon post” button just like we do when we’re composing or editing one? (picture below)



In my opinion this isn’t needed because it only takes around 5 seconds to get rid of the error for retrieving back your post.

@JT_Playz reasoning behind this.

Agree. You can undelete for up to 24 hours. In addition the delete button is not near normal use buttons so the chances of accidentally clicking it is slim.

Unfortunately we are not in control of the forum software outside of some settings/plugins. It is up to discourse to add it.

Either way you are still doing two clicks. One to delete and one to either confirm or undelete. You arent saving any time or effort.


As @Chris_S has said,

I don’t see this being a boost for the community. This is just my opinion so I can understand where you may agree and I don’t.🙂

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