So I had about 30mins of approach time on the training server! One radar contact and they where instructed to change frequency. And did, better conduct or ILL timing?

Do you think you could re-word that last sentence for us please? I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m not quite getting what you’re trying to say…

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What do you require me to say?

You, replied!! Is their something in appropriate about my post?

We weren’t there so we wouldn’t know if you changed their frequency at the correct time. You’d have to describe the entire situation and add more substance to the post.

Well, If your grasping at straws!! YOUR RIGHT…

It’s only content…

I am very confused what is the issue here, so you are controlling and asking us if they tuned in at the right time??


Sorry, are you using some kind of translator, like Google Translate? If you are, then just send us the message in your native language, and someone might be able to help.
If you’re not, sorry if I accidentally offended you. It wasn’t on purpose, it’s just your diction is slightly confusing.


Address the issue to the individual?

At Justin0623? Why would anybody post anything when you take a soapbox!!

@Joseph_S_Mcneer Do you normally speak English? In your household?

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Several languages, what is your question!

@Joseph_S_Mcneer Some words you are saying are a little confusing. What is your main language?


we are not quite understanding what you are trying to say here so i think he is asking if you are using a translator because it sometimes makes communication very difficult


Back on topic, what airport were you at?

I’m not sure if most of the people here can completely understand his question. (including me)


He’s trying to ask if he changed the pilot’s frequency at the correct time, give the man a break people.


I’m still not 100% sure what the situation was, though.

Ohhhhhh. In that case. @Joseph_S_Mcneer you proceeded correctly. Thanks Trio!

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