Condor starts service from New Orleans to Frankfurt

A few days ago Condor(Thomas Cook) started service from New Orleans to Frankfurt. Operating on the Boeing 767-300ER
Here’s link to the story :
Here’s a YouTube video by Dantorp Aviation :


They’ve also started service from Frankfurt to San Diego!

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Wow! I didn’t know that. They should fly to Denver soon but maybe to Manchester instead of Germany

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This is a seasonal route correct?

mhm, two times a week.

I like it!
This just gave me a great first global flight idea…😮🤔

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Seasonal means its only on summer or winter. Seasonal doesn’t mean only a few times a week. This is a year long route.

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Yes Ik but i do love seasonal routes!


Im pretty sure its…

“Condor starts service from Frankfurt to New Orleans”

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Whats the difference

If it was lets say… American Airlines… If they did that route; Then it could be that… But because…

Frankfurt is:
A. A Hub of Condor
B. Starting Point of this route
C. I dont know


I would definitely agree. If New Orleans can get Condor, then Denver’s got to come soon.

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