Condor‘s RIZZI BIRD 757-200 #40th Anniversary ~Special Livery~


I was lucky enough to get to fly on this unique 757 and it does have till today a special place in my heart.
Condor did ask a couple of artists in 1996 to create concepts for a special livery to celebrate their 40th anniversary.
They did choose the livery of James Rizzi. This was the first big project in Germany for him.
That many different colours and shapes were a big challenge for painters.
A normal paintjob would take about 5 days. But to complete the Rizzi Bird 3 weeks were necessary.
The first flight of the Rizzi Bird flew for the first time on the 29.03.1997 from Munich to Tel Aviv.

Normally, every 4 years an airliner does need a new paintwork. But even though there was a petition to preserve the Rizzi Bird, Condor did decide to paint the 757 in the normal livery. The reason for that decision was that no passenger did want to board the plane unless they had taken photos of the plane from every side. That did cause many, many delays.

I did not knew this fun-fact either until I made some research for this request. But you can believe me I did laugh very long. 😂😂😂

Obviously I do hope this livery does get added whenever the 757 might recieve an update.

It was a shame passangers were the reason why this livery no longer flies.


Well maybe we can make this livery fly again in IF if we vote for it 😂.

I mean can you imagine? You as an an aviation loving Child standing on the window of the terminal at this bird and get excited as F....k because you had no idea such cool liveries do even exist!


Another very nice shot of the Condor „Rizzi Bird“ Special livery.
This one or the condor 90’s livery should be added when the 757-200 does get a rework!
It’s simply a flying piece of art!

  • I do LOVE special liveries!!!
  • I do not like them.

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It’s a shame that I have no votes. Real good livery!

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I know how it does feel to like more features than having votes.

But maybe sometime in the future you will have one to spare or at least post every now and then to make sure this legendary livery does stay in mind of the community!



Definitely my all time favorite special livery out of a time when special liveries were not that common!