Condor "old" DC-10

When we get this crappy old tri-jet jet, we need at least this classic livery. Condor actually is the worlds oldest leisure airline that still exists…


The nose ruins everything, should’ve kept it the same colour as the fuselage =/


Why request a livery for a “crappy old tri jet” if you don’t like it?


It’s an awesome livery!

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Probably because it’s going to win? The dev’s kinda influenced the vote, or probably because it looks kinda crappy (the livery)??

Didn’t understand the question. Why request something you don’t like? If he dosnt like the livery, why request it

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This is so beautiful.

I like Condor. I don’t like the DC10.

You keep contradicting yourself ? You say you don’t like it , but yet you’re requesting it for it to be placed in the sim ? Also how did the dev’s influence the vote ? haha

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I like the silver and the yellow tail fin.

This was my point. Why request something for a thing that you do not like

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I love it, looks very vintage.

That’s a newer version of the Condor livery on the DC-10

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The nose cone has to be painted one color or another.

Would you rather not have any new updates?..

Yes, but it is classic.

A350, A330 Rework, A340 Rework, CRJ Rework, 737 Rework, …

Be thankful for the update:)