Condor has a new livery

Very interesting, do they fly in air transit colors? Our condor?

Uh… something like this? I don’t think it’s a concept



Oh, here we go. Looks like they entirely repaint the aircraft for whichever airline. So this should mean they’ll repaint the A330 with the new symbol if they receive it again from Air Transat.


Full Condor livery

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The A330 currently used is wet leased from Air Tanker, and has nothing to do with the Air Transat arrangement, which (if I remember correctly) has been stopped for this season due to the bankruptcy.

Below you can see G-VYGK operating a flight for Condor right now:

Might be the case for the A330 (looks like it on your picture), but Condor’s A320s kept their yellow engines as you can see on the picture below:


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The Thomas Cook heart took away the logo that Condor is most known for. Good on them for putting it back, it looks much better.

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