Condor has a new livery

Most of us probably still remember Thomas Cook ceasing operations a few month ago.

But Condor, the German part of the Thomas Cook Airline Group remains flying and has initiated a so called “Schirmschutzverfahren” to not be made liable for any of Thomas Cook’s debt.

Once I saw this post on the forum:

And argued against it, but today I have to apologise as the Yellow Heart will be removed from the fleet (as will the Thomas Cook Name on the rear of the aircrafts). Not by a big repaint though: May I present Condor’s new livery with its original logo now proudly on the tail:

Source: Condor’s Instagram:

For comparison here the “old” livery on one of Condor’s B767s:


Thanks for taking your time to read this.
I hope you found it interesting and would love to hear your opinion wether you think this small rebranding will be sufficient (as I think) or if Condor requires a whole new brand image!


I kinda like it. I’ll still miss the TC heart.

RIP Thomas Cook 💛


I like that livery very nice I think they made the colours better anyway

Is it just me or does that ripe mind you of the change to the new Lufthansa livery.

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I am pretty sure the couloirs remained unchanged (just different light conditions).

Well, there are quiete a few similarities, that’s true! Nonetheless that’s another kind of bird, not a Crane (as LH has), but a Condor instead (which corresponds with the airline’s name too)!

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I really like the new tail. It has a modern look to it. It kind of reminds me of the bird on Lufthansa’s tail.

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Looks very nice, always love new modern liveries, didn’t really like the American Airlines livery change I preferred the chrome look. Can’t wait to set this bird in the skies.

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That’s one banger of a livery!

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Looking very similar though!

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Update/Edit: Not only is the logo on the tail replaced but also the “Thomas Cook” Name on the rear side of the aircrafts has to be removed for trademark reasons.

Condor released a full image:


This livery is simply a stunner especially with the weather today in Germany! Thanks for sharing this!

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Quick question if anyone knows:

On Condor’s website, they have a media page featuring the updated livery:

Did they used to have the Condor logo on their aircraft?


Everything is the same apart from the tail and the removed „Thomas Cook“ name on the rear part of the fuselage.

Quiet some time ago they had the Condor logo on the tails (as @TheFlyingPotato) kindly answered below.

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Yeah, they did. Before Lufthansa’s shares in Condor were bought by Thomas Cook, they had a livery of their own featuring the condor on the tail, like so: Credit to Dennis HKG


Still looks weird without the heart but at least an arm of TC still remains

Ok, so not going to lie, I’ve kinda been confused by where the line between condor and Thomas cook stood. So I was wondering if someone could clear this up. Pittsburgh was supposedly going to get an A330 on our flight next year, replacing the 767 we have now, is that still possible? Or did all the A330s get swept away with Thomas Cook?

Possibly the leased ones from Air Transat

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They leased ones from air transit? I thought those were involved in bringing everyone home, but that would be interesting if they did…

Every winter before TC collapsed. TC sent A321s to Air Transat and in return Condor get A330s