Condor Flugdienst Boeing 757-300 (2020 livery)

Credits: D-ABOC Condor Boeing 757-330(WL) Photo by Niclas Karich | ID 1120727 |

Condor, Germany‘s number 1 leisure carrier operates 13 of these beautiful Boeing 753s, flying them from Germany to various destinations all over Europe, as the only remaining European Boeing 757-300 operators. Due to the Thomas Cook bankruptcy, the airline has started to replace the Thomas Cook heart on the tail by their own logo meaning that for the first time for decades their jets are wearing the Condor logo on their tails.

If the 757-300 gets added with the 757 rework, this livery would definitely enrich the IF world with its nice colors and beautiful routes it operates.

If you want to know more about Condor check out their Wikipedia page here: Condor (airline) - Wikipedia

That’s the only B757 I really hope(d) for! Sadly only the -200 announced (so far), but keeping hopeful for a nice surprise!


I’m out of votes but I’ll support it, I really like it but we still don’t know if the -300 will be added.

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The pencil plane


The -300 is the nicer version of the 757 it would be nice if IF would add it.


How come it is the nicer variant? I’m sorry I just don’t know a while a lot about that family of aircraft.

I just love how how long it is and the ratio between length vs. width!

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Is IF adding the shorter one? Maybe the one they are developing is more popular.

The 757-200 is way more popular; way more airlines have it but in my opinion the 757-300 is so beautiful. I really don’t like the -200 but the rework is better than nothing.😀

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