Condor Boeing 757-300

The Condor 757-300


On picture say more than 1.000 words! We need this!

Some information about the 757 from Condor:

Numbers: A total of 15 aircraft (version 1 + 2)

Manufacturer: Boeing Company, USA

Crew: 1 captain, 1 co-pilot, 6 flight attendants

Seats: 275 seats, including up to 26 in Premium Class
Bookable XL seats with more legroom 11 DE, 12 BC, 25-26 ABC / DEF, 40 BC / DE

Destinations: Condor short and medium haul destinations (flight zone 1 + 2)

Speeds: Take off 310 km / h, travel 850 km / h, landing 260 km / h

Max. Altitude: 12,500 m

Range: 5,400 km

Engines: Rolls Royce (RR), RB 211-535E4B

Fuel capacity 43,495 l

Payload: 24,000 kg

Length: 54.50 m

Height: 13.60 m

Span: 41.10 m

Cabin width: 3.50 m

That looks like a -300 to me…

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It is haha. Didn’t even realize.


Unfortunately we don’t have this livery in Infinite Flight yet. We only have the Thomas Cook livery in Infinite Flight.

@Jan_W I fixed your title, now please go ahead and edit the body of your post. Please also add some info! It’s a little bland at the moment.

Thats where its from :) Sorry!

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It’s the 757-300 and nothing will change there. And I don’t think I need any more information I need to add to a livery.

The picture shown is a -300. Condor does not have the -200

Well, you need a credit to that picture. Plus it’s a -300, not a -200. And you need to write a lot about the livery itself. Take a look at this one, it could give you an idea of what is generally required:

Same information I told another user attempting to make a feature request:

Please review the following topic as it includes some information that will be useful to you.

Issues with this feature request:

  • No photo credit
  • Lack of detail