Condor Boeing 747-400


sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. One of my favorites airplanes in the world! Awesome livery to add!


Looks great think they charts these from Lufthansa.


Very nice, it would be great to have more 747 liveries.

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It has a German registration as well. Not too much of a paint job change from Lufthansa

Well that means this livery would be a great feature in a Lufthansa event!

Woah I had no idea they fly the 747!

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Very nice and very simple. Would be nice to have it added

@Norshuttle909 They didn’t lease any from Lufthansa as far as I am aware, they had quite a few even before Lufthansa.

@Damian They don’t fly them anymore in the meantime.

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Lufthansa and Condor are two completely different airlines. Condor is part of the Thomas Cook Group.

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I know, but it is basically the same livery.

It used to be the charter airline of Lufty but it was later sold to Thomas Cook

They didn"t fly b747 either in the past they flew that

I just think that i read som were that they were leasad.

I looked it up they were leased

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The gold on the tail is beautiful

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Once I was supposed to come back from Bulgaria with Thomas Cook instead we weren’t expecting it and we got on condor to Manchester