Condor A321

I would like to request the Condor A321 as the whole airline is missing from Infinite Flight and the livery is very beautiful in my opinion.

Also Condor is a rather popular German leisure airline with a very long tradition and the brand slogan ”We love flying“.

Source: D-ATCE | Airbus A321-211 | Condor (Thomas Cook Aviation) | Goncalo Guimaraes | JetPhotos

Any vote would be highly appreciated, thank you!

This is definitely needed - we need the Condor liveries in IF

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Considering the fact that we have already have this livery on the A321 (Thomas Cook), i think it would be a better idea to add this Condor livery on the A320. Only my opinion, still a great request and i would very much like to see Condor added!

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Thanks, please consider voting for it!

ThomasCook is a different airline, then Condor (although Condor is now a part of ThomasCook) and the livery is different in many ways (starting with the big Condor titles).

Of course a Condor A320 would be great as well, thanks for your input!

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I wouldnt call them different “in many ways” as they are similar to each other. Thats why i think adding Condor to the A320 would be a great idea:)

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The basic paint scheme (yellow heart) livery is the same, yes.
Still it does not feel right operating a Condor flight with a ThomasCook aircraft.

But again: I would be very happy with a Condor A320 as well.

As Thomas Cook had to file for bankruptcy, the Condor livery is (in my opinion) more needed than ever to operate realistic flights with them.

Also it would be fantastic to have this great livery!

We only have the condor livery on the MD-11 (I think), we need this livery on more aircraft.

Yes it’s on DC-10 🙂

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By the way, I checked your bio, welcome to the community! PM me if you need anything such as questions, tips, etc.

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Thank you 🙂

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@Butter_Boi, @1367aviation didn’t know that, thanks for sharing!

@Butter_Boi: Thanks for your support!


You got my vote!

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Fantastic! Thank you!

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Yes please!

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Thank you for voting, highly appreciated!

New thread posted.