Condor A321 (New livery)

As some of you may know, Condor went through turbulent time recently. Now as the future looks once again bright(er), I feel that it’s the perfect time to request the new livery for the A321, as it looks fantastic in my opinion and also is the livery of a German leisure airline which loves flying (“Wir lieben fliegen“ “We love flying“ is the Company slogan)!

Condor takes people to the sun and the holidays and helps to connect people with families and their dreams. Let’s bring this livery to IF!

I would highly appreciate your vote and any comments below!

Lovely livery!


Thanks! Would appreciate if you’d consider voting ;)

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I love it to finally see the original Condor logo featured on the tail! Has my vote :)

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Thank you, looking forward to your vote!

Happy Birthday👀

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I would love to see Condor in Infinite Flight as its one of my favourite airlines. Sadly I have no votes left but öets hope it will get addd in the future!

Thank You!

That new livery is sick!

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It definitely is, thanks!

I have updated the topic with a more detailed picture of the new Condor livery, which is being rolled out more and more across the entire fleet.

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