Condor A321 (New Livery) [Yellow D-AIAD]

I agree with that they want to attract families with this especially Kids they see this and then talk about it and want to see and maybe fly with that so the partens may try to book a flight with them for next holiday trip. Its all about Marketing. And it already worked as everyone is talking about the new livery so everyone knows about Condor right now

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In general yes because its the first own Condor Livery since the were taken by Thomas Cook and had the same livey like Thomas Cook.

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NOOOOOOOOOO. I would rather see the old livery. This one is shambles.

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Why is the new Livery shameles??? Don’t get it why does a livery need to look like its and old grey head with an suite why can’t it look like an happy young child ?

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Sorry mate in my opinion this livery is miles better


I mean ok you have a point they do need to make a complete new livery because Thomas Cook are gone but I’m just not a fan of those stripes.

Thats not Condor its just Thomas Cook and it was always Thomas Cook

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But Thomas Cook are gone?

That’s right and the livery was the last thing Condor had from them and wanted to get rid of but first they had other problems after the bankruptcy and Covid

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Ah ok. I only really know the news for UK Airlines and not really for other European airlines. I might be going on Condor in the future but to me the livery is meh. Would be cool flying the A339 though.

Same thing what American done with US airways on one of their A320.

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Think I remember seeing one of them on Flightradar.

Exactly thats what Condor did after they safed them out of the Thomas Cook Bankruptcy

They could have been a bit more creative, looks like the designer had their kid design it in 5 minutes.

Yeah but in general its focus in Marketing is on Families with childs for vacation so it definitely will attract the young childs

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To be fair nearly every new livery is like this.

A livery also needs to look asthetically pleasing, this is not.

4 steps:

  1. Draw a stripe
  2. Fill it in
  3. Copy paste along aircraft
  4. Done
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Yeah but why not especially when you don’t have some million Dollars as budget for a complet new restructuring with new Livery new business concept and new Jets then you have to make some difference and an plain white Aircraft doesn’t look good and using an Livery that doesn’t represent the new Business plan also isn’t nice

I don’t care, I’m tired of the whiteness, definitely needed to see something new in European skies. Bold move but totally worth it