Condor A321 (New Livery) [Yellow D-AIAD]

I and some more here would love to have the Condor A321 in IF and why isn’t now the best Time to add it when they Announced there new Paint scheme ?

The Registration of this A321 is D-AIAD

Condor is a famous German Airline that had strugles in the past due to the Thomas Cook bankruptcy. But they safed them self and made it through the past years and are now still allive.

Summary about the new Livery suggestion on there Fleet:

Excuse me for being so direct but this is ugly as hell 😂😓 why’d they have to botch a perfectly beautiful livery like that 🥲🥲🥲


Because the livery they had in past years wasn’t the livery of Condor it still was the livery from Thomas Cook and the wanted there own one but didn’t want to join the others with an plain Eurowhit body and an colord tail like everyone else


Ye I know it was the former Thomas (can’t) cook livery but it was just fine for the past 3 years… at least Flair and Canada Jetlines dont have the ugliest livery in the world anymore 😂

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I think everyone will come across with it as also many disliked the New Lufthansa but now most like it. We just need to let it sink and come to us and see how its looking when we see more tahn One at the Gate with those diffrent colors the will have

Looks very outdated lol.

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Lets just wait for a picture when uts been spotted in Clear sunny condition its can change a lot as we can see on the A330neo from Condor it looks so much better as its clar and sunny when its been spotted

I was about to create this topic lol

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I was faster

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Here we have it in a Rendering


Flying custard

More like hippie zebra

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We need the condor livery but we don’t want this… let’s say interesting design experiment haha but yes: we need the condor livery


Why always argue for everyone if it’s your opinion. I for example would love to have this livery.


I just summarized the opinion of many many instagram users and the from the IF discord

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Haha u just summerized the negative opinions on Instagram and Discord. Honestly give it a shot.
It’s pathetic just to say, I don’t want this.
Then Ure wrong in the aviation industry.


Then write “I and many many Instagram users and people from the IF discord” don’t want this. “We” without context implies everyone and this is just misleading.

I don’t get why people always have to start giving their extreme opinion like I absolutely love/I hate this and that without actually seeing any of it in day-to-day operations. I guess that’s a result of all that toxic behavior in social media…


Quick question here: do you really think just from the design this is more beautiful than the old one?

Given that the old one wasn’t their livery but Thomas Cook’s livery, yes.

It’s about the concept they’ve just started.
I think many many kids loves those colorized planes.
And condor is and will always be a low cost leisure airlines with preferences on family’s with kids. So it’s just the right move