Condor A320

I would like to request the addition of the Condor “Yellow Heart” livery to IF (on the A320).

Condor is one of the two main leisure airlines in Germany and has a very good reputation.
It’s part of the Thomas Cook Airline Family, but has fortunately only been partly affected by the bankruptcy and remains active („Wir fliegen weiter”)

The company slogan is “Condor - Wir lieben fliegen” which translates to “Condor - We love flying”

I would love to fly this beautiful aircraft to sunny destination in Europe (e.g. Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece) and beyond (e.g. Egypt) and hope you’d love to see it in IF too.

Any vote is highly appreciated, thank you!

Source: D-AICE | Airbus A320-212 | Condor | Nelson Sousa | JetPhotos

I like the livery, but dont have any votes, I fully support it though!

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Thank you for your support, hopefully it will generate some votes soon!

The livery simply is stunning in my opinion, especially the yellow heart! 💛

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We need a Condor livery in IF! You got my vote.


Like this, would be a great addition to the game, no votes though :(

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I absolutely agree, thank you very much! Consider voting for the A321 as well:

I agree! Sorry that you didn’t have a vote, but thanks for your support nonetheless!

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With the beginning of winter operations Condor’s average flight length now increases, with many flights going to sunny destinations like the Canary Islands or Hurghada in Egypt.

It would be great to have that livery in IF for those 4-5 hour trips to some of the most stunning places in Europe!

Closed on OPs request