Condor A320 (new livery)

Voted! We definitely need this in IF. The only Condor livery IF has is the DC. With them announcing new liveries for the A320 I’d love to see this! :)


Thank you very much for the vote and comment! I couldn’t agree more, it’s such a cool airline/livery well worth to be added!

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I’m out of votes, but I’ll vote as soon as it’ll be possible. Really like this livery and it would be nice to see it on European (and not only) skies in IF ! :)

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Oh yeah. That is such a nice livery. Condor is one of my favourite airlines, I would love to see that livery in Infinite Flight.

Love it too. I am a bit sad about Condor moving most for their fleet to Frankfurt while Munich remains with close to none Condor flights, at least at the moment. Financially it’s the best solution though…

Yeah, I mean in general we have to hope that Condor survives the times of the Virus.