Condor 757-200 livery #90s


I am not able to count how many times I did flew on this nice bird in exact this awesome Condor‘s 90s livery.
Condor is one of Germany’s oldest Airlines (1955) and for decades one of the most often used vacation carrier up to day.

I hope this livery will be added whenever the 757 might be updated!

I like this livery a lot more than their current livery, which looks too much like Thomas cook


Yes absolutely right!
That might be the case because back then they did belong to Lufthansa and right know they do belong to the Thomas-Cook group. For a couple of years the name Condor did disappear completely but at least the morons of Thomas cook did notice that the german people love their Condor Airline.

Make sure to check out this livery as well.


Do they stil fly? I tought the wher gone?


Yep, They still operate under a Thomas Cook-ish livery.


Exactly they do still operate.
Under way more crappy „head company“ (Thomas cook) than when there were flying in the good old 90s livery and the awesome Rizzi Bird livery for the Lufthansa group.
Make sure to vote for this and the Rizzi Bird livery, too!

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It’s still one of my 2 favorite liveries for a 757-200.
The other one is the Condor „Rizzi Bird“ Special livery.


This is a great topic but please consider voting for the Boeing 757 rework as well. The rework is greatly needed especially for the flight physics. Hopefully condor and other liveries would accompany the rework

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I know had voted for it. But by voting for a new livery the chance for a rework does get higher as well.

Nevertheless the possible 757 reworke will probably not happen until the turboprop GA update is delivered or what might come first after the CRJ! 😊 (wich i am a Fan of as well!)

This livery is amazing. The airline did a very good job with the color scheme and carrying out the look.

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If you do like that livery from condor you might also like this special livery on one of their 757-200.

The livery is called The Rizzi Bird

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Having no votes for amazing liveries annoys me.

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Earlier or later you might will have one to spend so keep this one in mind!🙂

Don’t worry :) Already found a vote to replace with this one.

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Definitely one of two of my favorite 757-200 liveries of all time.

One of two perfect liveries for a 757 rework wich will hopefully include the 300 version as well!

Updated post.