Conditions for Aerobatics Violations

Good morning/afternoon/evening all, I just got 2 violations flying some very tight patterns on the expert server. Though I think these are invalid as I was just fine doing the same thing yesterday, I’m not asking for removal of these violations. I do however am curious about what qualifies as “aerobatics” like what’s the bank and pitch “requirements” to get these violations. Looking forward to all your answers.

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I think anything beyond a normal bank angle can result in a violation. (generally less than a 30-degree angle)
Also, don’t fly like a rocket
don’t fly like an asteroid
and don’t fly upside-down
And you’ll be fine :)

I’m no mod or dev so I can’t give u a good answer but I’ll say keep the bank angle where it’s. Not too sharp
Also I do extremely tight patterns on casual in F22 or F14,I find that the fastest way to get those landings in.

I’ve hit power bank turns in towered airspaces without any issues. I usually hit 50-70 degree turns and nothing happens to me. Strange. Maybe contact a mod?


@Justin_Chan why dont you go to an airport and fly around like an airshow display would do…and then youll find out. lol

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I’ve wondered this myself and asked why. I feel like the parameters are too vague to actually identify and explain. Just don’t do what you did was the sum of the explanation given.

First of all: doing very tight patterns I would recommend doing on Casual server.

In the past, the only time I had a violation near an airport was for flying upside down; I was doing a horizontal roll in my fighter, inside the airports airspace

So I suspect with others above, your turns were so sharp, that IF considered this as flying upside down. Which can result in a violation.

At the same time, I agree with you, that we could do with some more clarity on ‘acrobatic monoevres’.

I had decided to practice stalling my 172, far from anyone and near to only an island airport in the Singapore region. I can only speculate that if your nose is at an extreme angle, pointed down to recover, this action constitutes as an aerobatic maneuver. This was back when the acrobatic violations were new.

i dont think bank angle should have qnything to do. i’ve always done more than 30° bank during patterns. to enter downwind or base. it must be you’ve descended too fast or a nose dive.

Correct. A blatant controlled nose dive. I intentionally stalled my aircraft to practice recovering. I’ve only received 1 acrobatic violation so my only offering is, neither point your nose abruptly nor aggressively towards straight down.

If I recall, my pitch was never too excessive as I had a maximum climb/descent rate of like 2400fpm.

It is just a good idea not to do any kind of flying that could be considered aerobatic on anything but the casual server.

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