Condition Levers for the Q400, Cessna 208, and C130

In real life, those three planes have condition levers, controlling prop rpm. I think flights with those planes would be a lot more realistic if they had condition levers. Condition Levers are what are used to control prop rpm via blade angle on turboprops. Pilot selects RPM, and a governor maintains that rpm by adjusting the blade angle depending on the throttle Setting and fuel flow to the engine. At idle, a fine pitch is maintained, and at max throttle, a coarse pitch is maintained. In the Q400, there are three selectable RPMs Max 1020 for takeoff which is fine pitch, yielding good acceleration and speed control, but not high speed performance. Min 850 for cruise is coarse pitch, yielding good high speed flight and economy, but not very good acceleration. 900 for climb is right in between. Landings can be done at either 850 for fuel economy, or 1020 for steep approach and speed control. 850 can also be used for climb for fuel economy, but climb will take a little longer in a fully loaded aircraft than with 900.

Could you perhaps provide a screenshot? Some information perhaps stating the function of these levers?
People like to see what they are voting for…

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Agree. Just like @Kirito_77 said, I myself am a bit confused on what you are talking about. A picture or two would really help to clarify what you are talking about and if it is a feature worth voting for.

What would the difference be between this and just the throttle we have?

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Condition Levers are what control prop rpm.

Can you show us an image of one or a video?

These are the condition Levers for the Q400

And why couldn’t these have just been fixed into the original post?