Concourse “C” at SEA

After the completion of IAF(International Arrivals Facility) and the new passenger walkway, Seattle International Airport will be shifting focus to their “C” Concourse.


This renovation will add an additional 4 floors above the existing floor.

This expansion will allow for fossil fuel free systems for heating and tenant hot water. It will also allow for embodied Carbon reduction.

You can find more of what is possible with the link at the bottom.

Major construction is expected to start in 2023 and end in 2027 and early work is expected this coming summer.

The budget approved by The Port of Seattle Commission is $340M however the range is anywhere between $240-$500M.

Down below are some 30% design renderings!


IFAET Assemble!

Just kidding :)

Looks like a great project! Glad to see SEA expanding :D

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It’s so cool when under construction starting that it’s awesome just bigger passengers for higher!

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