Concorde's 40th Anniversary: G-BOAB.

The Concorde holds an special place in aviation´s history. It was the second civilian airliner which was able to break the sound barrier, but the only one which was successful enough (though some national pride between France and England) to be produced in quantities.
Concorde was introduced to service on January 21 1976, it was produced between 1965 and 1979 and used for regular flights only by Air France and British Airways.
Both Braniff International Airlines and Singapore Airlines leased an aircraft, and Pepsi used it for publicity purposes.

Concorde G-BOAB, serial number 208, type Concorde 102, powered by 4XRolls Royce Olympus 593 Mk. 610 engines, first flew on May 18 1976.
It saw continuous use until August 15 of the 2000

G-BOAB is currently stored at open air at Heathrow, and can be seen if your plane is taxing to take off from runway 27L, and if you´re seated on the left side on the aircraft.

Concorde location:

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Why don’t they make a newer version of the Concorde? It used to be a great plane, was it just too expensive to maintain? Well, happy birthday Concorde! (G-BOAB)

That, the crash of Fligh 4590 (Concorde F-BTSC), the 9/11, oil was becoming more expensive (not like now, that the oil barrel is under 30U$D).

Interesting, thank you for explaining, although how did 9/11 make the Concorde suffer?

Fear of terrorists hijacking the aircraft. The Concorde is a simbol of mankind progress, that supersonic speeds can be used for pacific purposes.

Wow, well thank you!

You´re welcome!

I don’t think we will ever see another Concorde, its design is just flawed, while very advanced it’s massively flawed :¥ another supersonic airliner maybe but not another Concorde “type” aircraft. Great aircraft though, still more advanced than half of all the planes today.

9/11 scared the crap out of people; passenger numbers took a nosedive and the Concorde, being a marginal aircraft, suffered.

I’m sorry but I can’t see this happening.

Who knows. I think the Concorde could have flown in 2015 though, the oil prices just plumetted.

Hypothetically, yes. The airframes had the life in them. Realistically, no.

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Hope that beautiful machine
Could fly again in our sim.

It will, but first we need the space to make justice to its speed.

Ya, sure:)

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40 years since the first commercial flight. What could be once considered the future of aviation is nearly half a century old!

My all-time favourite!
It is said it will fly again.

It’s sad it was short lived! But let’s celebrate!

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@Jordino_Mutale why is the design flawed?

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If only they could return one to flying condition for airshows. It could come to Australia for the first time in 21 years