If this was added, we should have a button that allows us to switch afterburners on and off.


It would also be neat if a sonic boom sound was added


I just finished watching the BBC documentary about Concorde’s life from idea to retirement. And we NEED this plane in IF. It was a engineering masterpiece. This has my vote!


It has, they are used also as Elevators and ailerons


no there weren’t any flaps

EDIT: have a read here, concorde had elevons (combined elevator and aileron). The elevons did not function as flaps.


I want to see legend in the game but i don’t want to see fast rockets on the air, everywhere in the game.

We should find a common way. And maybe only grade 4 and grade 5 could fly this bird.

I love this aircraft but we need to save realism at the same time.


This would be very unfair to others who do pay the subscription that are not yet grade 4 @Alp_Clk


That’s just an idea. We can find another idea but we need to find an idea. If people see concorde everywhere this would make other planes “slowmotion”.


@Alp_Clk I agree but take into account that if this happens, it would generally be on the training server. I understand your point, but it is not right to limit someone who is paying a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription to the use of a plane, regardless of the degree


Don’t mind me just a nudgy pudgy >.>


One interesting fact is that when a Concorde came in for approach it’d come down with a bigger flare that the Pappi lights showed Three Whites