If this was added, we should have a button that allows us to switch afterburners on and off.


It would also be neat if a sonic boom sound was added


I just finished watching the BBC documentary about Concorde’s life from idea to retirement. And we NEED this plane in IF. It was a engineering masterpiece. This has my vote!


It has, they are used also as Elevators and ailerons

no there weren’t any flaps

EDIT: have a read here, concorde had elevons (combined elevator and aileron). The elevons did not function as flaps.

I want to see legend in the game but i don’t want to see fast rockets on the air, everywhere in the game.

We should find a common way. And maybe only grade 4 and grade 5 could fly this bird.

I love this aircraft but we need to save realism at the same time.

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This would be very unfair to others who do pay the subscription that are not yet grade 4 @CK777


That’s just an idea. We can find another idea but we need to find an idea. If people see concorde everywhere this would make other planes “slowmotion”.


@CK777 I agree but take into account that if this happens, it would generally be on the training server. I understand your point, but it is not right to limit someone who is paying a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription to the use of a plane, regardless of the degree


Don’t mind me just a nudgy pudgy >.>


One interesting fact is that when a Concorde came in for approach it’d come down with a bigger flare that the Pappi lights showed Three Whites


So, should I keep holding out hope for this? Or just accept that it won’t happen?

It will happen some time, it’s just on how the Developers choose on which aircraft to work on next.
It also depends on how hard it is to get all aircraft detail information from…

It might come on the next global update as one of the developers said, “But we do have several aircraft in production…”

I mean, we all know that one of those aircraft is the a350… but the Concorde has a chance …

there would be so many retro liveries like Qantas, Lufthansa, Singapore, Air France, British Airways, TWA, PAN AM and many, many more

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Don’t forget the Pepsi Livery


yea xD, even Sabena (first Belgian airline) had a livery design for it!

We need this bird in this #1 Simulator!


You can’t be sure, the a350 is still too young for the team to gather all the data needed for developing. That it is highly requested doesn’t mean that it will be developed sooner.