for me, idc enough to get irritated over that. I would just laugh at all the people who do care WAY too much about trollers.


Plenty of ways around that - no reason why speed restrictions would not apply to Concorde in the same way it does other aircraft, and they could even be more severe.


If I could I would give all my votes for this iconic beauty ! This would be perfect for global flight if indeed was implemented!


Maybe the team has to create a new restrictions for SST.


I want the american concept in air force 1 livey


do we even have a feature request for Boeing’s version of the Concorde?


That airplane was never actually used commercially… how would they make it with no data?


So, I have actually done some extensive research on the Lockheed L-2000 and the Concorde. In real-life, the two planes acted and handled pretty much identical, due to similarities in materials used, and designs. The two only real differences was acceleration and climb rate. The acceleration differences was due to the fact that the
L-2000 used a different type of engine than the Concorde. So, what I would do is just use the same specifications as the Concorde in terms of performance.

As to the Boeing 2707, I have no idea.


What about accurate models and textures?
I doubt there are any cockpit photos for the Boeing 2707.


For the accurate model specifications, the Lockheed L-2000 was partially funded by the government. This means that those specs are public record. I believe there are also cockpit photos on public record for the L-2000.

Unfortunately, the Boeing 2707 was 100% privately funded, which means that Boeing is in no way required to make their specs public record.


Well, I guess there’s a shot then…
Still kind of doubt it. With the amount of depth Infinite Flight is putting into their new aircraft, I feel like it would be sub-par at best.


Lockheed L-2000, or Boeing 2707? Which one do you think would be sub-par?


Idk, we’re mostly spitballing here.


true. I do think there is more of a chance for the L-2000 because of the fact that the modeling specs are public record, AND the handling similarities to the Concorde.


Concorde would be soo Awesome! 🤗
Voted! 👍


This is needed ASAP


I never realized that this post will attract so many!!!


555 votes whoop whoop


I would LOVE to see the Concorde get added into the game, and it doesn’t matter it has been retired, a lot of aircraft that are in IF have been retired in real life, like the DC-10 and the 747-400 (just to name a few) and i think they would have to limit the speed because of violations and stuff but it would be amazing to fly and expirience, i personaly have never seen on in real life and not even on TV because it was retired before i was born :( so it would be amazing to fly something i have never seen before :) ;) <3 <3


The Concorde was an icon of engineering, it would be nice to have it in Infinite Flight