So, therefore, your argument that this thread has been around for 2 years isn’t valid. While that is a true fact, it isn’t a valid argument to say, “it hasn’t been implemented in the 2 years since the request was made, so it will never be added”.


i like ur effort but still this thread will be useless… have fun


I don’t think so at all, just because we don’t see it now doesn’t mean they are in the pre work stages and researching this aircraft.


Thank you Mark


if this happen i will be a mice


huh??? That doesn’t make sense…


How does one become a mice? Lol


Don’t be negative! Just a little patience is all you need, it’s pretty hard to make everyone happy, so FDS just try their best to balence it out. Be thankful 👍


@fiare_FoXx_fir3foX the a330 rework is from 2016 too.


Oh yeah! That is true! So, I guess if his argument for the Concorde not happening is that the request is from the 2016, then he must also being saying that the A330 rework won’t ever happen either!


@Charlie_Boothe and @fiare_FoXx_fir3foX come on now, take this to a DM. You’ve clogged this thread. Back on topic.


Alright, @MrMrMan fair enough. You are right.


If this was added we need that tail bumper gear and visor:
So, we can land at a 20 degrees angle.


Well, if (hopefully when) this gets released, the quality would be great, due to FDS’s new planes being better. We would probably get them.


this would be very hard but worthwhile for the devs to make!!


Now that live instruments are coming in the cockpits can you imagine how cool it would look like in here!

Credit : William M

I really hope they will add the Concorde before the end of this decade…


What about that classic Pepsi livery…?


Oh that cockpit !, the dream office of every comercial pilot !
I actually think one of the reasons behind the A-10 being the test bed of the live instrument implementation, is its analog cockpit.

The good thing is that with Infirnte Flight not adding the Concorde in the near future, it’s almost certain it will include live instruments when it does come out !


concorde is very cool !!


It would be this but imagine the outcome, Every single grade 1 attempting low passes over busy airports doing mach 2… lol