I think he was just being funny 🤨


Oh 😐 but you never know…


Hiding in plain sight…


Great aircraft! This iconic airliner is a must in my opinion to be added to IF! If one wants to do a trans atlantic crossing but has a tight schedule, this is the way to go!


this thread is over 2 years old, i doubt this will ever happen


Never say never. It’s definitely not likely in the foreseeable future, but who knows what the devs have up their sleeves 🤷🏼‍♂️


I am shared to add concord in IF. the positive points are: shortened time for transatlantic flights but also obviously because it is an icon. but he has defects: complicated landing. hard to model and only 2 liveries


I would also like to point out, 2 years ago it didn’t make sense to have the Concorde. Now it does make sense, because we have Global. The reason it didn’t happen 2 years ago is because there was no Global Flight.

edit: that among many other reasons




finally someone of the development team, have to suggest this thread, right ? how long is global out ? did a mod or someone from the development team did respond… soo this thread is just a placeholder -.-* if the concord will happen in IF i will evolve as mouse lel xD


Global has been out for a little under a year, and the development team has had to work out different kinks and glitches with it! I mean, you can’t expect the Concorde to come out right at the same time as Global Flight!

Edit: That’s just really unreasonable!


its good to to tollerate to much… i noticed the development team is small… but for good coders its a easy work to fix after reports… i was beta tester on a lot of games … and implement this model shouldnt be to hard after 2 years…


I could see this going wrong as far as people using this aircraft to troll. Much like the fighter jets in IF. Plus, this aircraft would be a bear for the dev team to create.


Testing Beta software, and reporting glitches is a heck of a lot different than actually taking those glitch reports, and fixing them.


true this aircarft could unbalance evrything… but just a answer would be nice


2 years cmon…


I think the chances of the Infinite Flight dev team taking this project on would be slim to none. Realistically, there is no logical reason to introduce an aircraft that hasn’t even operated in 15 years.


true realism is a high grad on this simulator wich i like, but as i sayd this is a place holder doesnt matter how many votes it has…


and you can’t look at how long this thread has been around. As I have said, it hasn’t made sense to include the Concorde until fairly recently because of Global. and the development team has been busy, dealing with kinks and glitches with Global flight. And before Global Flight was added, they were also doing that slight side project of completely revamping the CRJ aircraft, which came out at around the same time as global. There are projects ahead of the Concorde, which are already being worked on and it will eventually get added.


Also, before Global Flight was added, no-one really wanted the Concorde anyway. But, this thread has exploded with likes and votes since Global Flight was added.